Philadelphians Rally for Ukraine

A rally for local Ukrainians at the Philadelphia Museum of Art took place late January, as tensions rise on the Ukrainian border with Russia..

Hundreds of local Ukrainians gathered outside the Museum of Art with signs and chanted “to stop Putin now.”

Philadelphia Ukrainians say they worry about this situation and want the threats against their community to stop.

Those who attended the rally remembers their country Ukraine as a wonderful place with lots of freedom and dignity.

“Ukraine is a beautiful country, it’s got democracy, it gots freedom, it’s got freedom of expression. It’s developing”, Eugene Luciw said.

Many Ukrainians believe that this situation is so much more than them, but to other surrounding countries as well.

“I understand the significance of what’s happening over there right now. That it’s obviously significant to Ukraine but also Europe, the United States, and the entire world”,1st District PA representative Brian Fitzpatrick said.

Temple University Alumni Iryna Mazur said there are many ways people can help:

“I would ask everybody to write to the White House, write to your representative in congress, and support the U.S decision to stand with Ukraine”, Iryna Mazur said.

Reporter: Matthew Box

Photographer: Ahn’yae Hedgepeth 

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