Philly AIDS Thrift celebrates their 18th anniversary

On September 30th, Philly AIDS Thrift took to South 5th Street to celebrate their 18th year in business with a vibrant block party.

The event, attended by hundreds, featured live music, carnival games, food trucks, and more, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

“I came out here today because I’ve been to this thrift store a whole bunch of times and I really love it”, shared festival-goer, Victoria Bessette.

The nonprofit, Philly AIDS Thrift, is not only the largest thrift store in the city, but also a dedicated supporter in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Since its formation in 2005, the organization has continued to thrive and evolve.

Co-founder, Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou, reminisced about their humble beginnings.

“When we started, there was just two of us. We started around the corner in a small space, we had no heat and it was very lonely.”

Those days are far behind the organization. Now, they are considered a staple of South Philly and have made a big difference in the community.

Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou proudly stated, “To date, we’ve been able to donate $4.1 million dollars,” showcasing their significant contributions to the cause.

Christina emphasizes that this journey wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of others.

“It’s a testimony to the community. That’s the thing, because we exist because of our shoppers, the donors, and the volunteers.”

As Philly AIDS Thrift celebrates its 18th anniversary, it stands as a beacon of community support and resilience. The block party not only showcased the organization’s achievements but also highlighted the ongoing commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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