The Franklin Institute Unveils a New Exhibition

A new exhibition at the Franklin Institute has visitors looking beyond the stars. This past weekend, The Franklin Institute opened its doors to a new space exhibit that will take visitors on a journey through the cosmos.

After five years and countless hours of work, the science institute welcomed visitors of all ages to their newest addition, “wondrous space.” 

Dan Picard, owner and creative director of MDSX, a design and media production company, explains how research for this project began. “So we went to a bunch of schools, a bunch of educators and we had this huge charette that took through the courses of months.

Chief Experience Officer Abby Bysshe tells us about the mission the museum hopes this new space exhibition will accomplish. “We want to create those amazing wow moments that create memories for kids but also make space a little more approachable.”

American astronomer Derrick Pitts is the Planetary Programs Director at the Franklin Institute. Not only does he get to share his knowledge of the galaxy, but he is also part of the team responsible for curating the content you see throughout the exhibit. “The most interesting thing to me about space and space exploration is trying to understand more about how it came into existence, what its faith is going to be.” 

Museum visitors will be able to drive a simulated rover in outer space, design a rocket, and the opportunity to touch a 50,000-year-old meteorite from crater Arizona. We spoke to Jennifer Simone during her first visit with her son“it seems like it’s a lot more interactive for the kids, more things for them to do which is really cool.” 

This new space exhibit is sure to intrigue the minds of space enthusiasts and inspire future generations to reach for the stars.

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