Teaching Self Defense in Philly

The new Philly Self Defense lessons offer those interested an opportunity to learn the basics of protection.

Founded by Joe Nophut and Temple Alumni Allen Chambers, the new defense dojo is located at 1333 North Front St.

Philly Self Defense is a resource for students and local Philadelphians that enables those interested to learn practical and necessary self defense techniques.

Co-owner Allen Chambers said that the whole thing came together about a year and a half ago. Both Chambers and his partner Nophut have about 35 years of martial arts experience, training, teaching and also fitness.”

Nophut told Update that he believes there are several benefits to taking classes at Philly Self Defense.

“Whether it is striking, grappling on the ground, primitive weapons, sticks and knives, and improvised weapons,” said Nophut. “Philly Self defense offers a full platter of different martial arts techniques.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about this new self defense opportunity can acquire it at: https://www.phillyselfdefense.net/.

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