“Phishy” Emails to Students Raise Concerns

Students at Temple University received a strange email Tuesday, April 10th around 9 AM. The email was disguised as a security upgrade from the TUMail Helpdesk. However the sender of the email was not anyone from TUMail Helpdesk.

Not every Temple student received the email, but a large group of students did. The Temple IT department has advised in an automated message that all students who received the email to not click on any of the links throughout it and to delete it.

Students who received the email now worry of the privacy of their TUMail accounts and other information used with their TU accounts. They fear the security of Temple’s IT service may not be as strong as a university’s services should be. Students also fear that others could learn that the TUMail HelpDesk is easy to impersonate online and other could attempt to do it again.

The Temple IT department has also assured that the email address that sent the original email has been terminated from their systems. They described the act as “Phishing,” a way to trick users into giving up their email and password.

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