Third Annual Vigil Held at Bell Tower

On Tuesday night, students and faculty gathered at the Bell Tower for Temple’s third annual vigil.

People gathered at the Bell Tower with candles for the event – honoring and remembering the loss of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

The vigil is for those who have passed away since February 2017, and people submitted names they would like to remember at the vigil.

Temple partnered with the CTC Foundation, which also created the “Don’t Stall, Just Call” alcohol poisoning education program.

“It’s important for Temple to raise awareness about like the dangers of binge drinking, and how there’s this new culture going through of [feeling] like it’s necessary to black out when you go out, and that’s just not okay because there are serious consequences that are life changing…” says Kate Tangradi, a student at Temple and member of the sorority Delta Zeta.

Some students expressed the importance of having a vigil, as it is a time for people to remember those who have passed away and reflect on their own lives.

“I just really think that everyone needs to remember and take time out of their day to think about this kind of stuff,” said Katie Cook, a sophomore at Temple. “I really hope that this takes a step in a bigger direction to spread awareness and try to prevent these things from happening that are tragic to the Temple community.”

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