As Polar Vortex Drops Mercury, Off-Campus Heating Bills on the Rise

Off-campus students have had to endure more than just cold temperatures this winter.  Students living off-campus have incurred higher and higher heating bills as the electrical meters located at each student’s residence are recording increased usage as the Polar Vortex hammers Philadelphia.

“On average we pay about thirty dollars each which would total to around like ninety to one hundred dollars” said senior Advertising major, Julianne Adamko.

heatSome student are unaware that they hav a variable rate for electricity, meaning that the rate can change at any time based on usage. Adamko went from paying 9 cents per kilo-watt hour to 19 cents per kilo-watt hour, more than a 100 percent increase. Since demand has been so higher, the prices have risen accordingly.

“This bill was like three times higher. I think our bill was like two hundred and ninety six dollars this month.  I thought that they had missed a payment from us or something. I didn’t expect it to be that high” said Adamko. “

“Last month’s bill was like three hundred dollars, and that’s about two hundred more dollars than last year” said senior Advertising major, Shannon King.

Not only do energy costs affect students, but also residents all over the region.  Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, is currently investigating the recent spike in energy bills. Kane says that consumers can aid her investigation by sending documentation to the State Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Hopefully by the spring, however, heating rates will drop and students will receive a break from the high bills.

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