Warmer Weather Makes Getting Fit Easier

The erratic weather is causing students to struggle with fighting off those unwanted pounds. The weather seems to be unpredictable so far this season, but with spring slowly approaching more students’ are finding their way to the gym, more than before.

Many students have battled with staying active, making the ‘freshmen fifteen’ not just for first-years. Temple University Kinesiology alumnus June Maloney gave a few tips for students trying to adjust to this unpredictable weather while also staying active.

“It’s been hard with snow and ice and it’s hard to really plan out any kind of exercise routine. Temple offers great services,” said Maloney.

Studies say twenty percent of college students struggle with some type of eating disorder. However, with fitness classes like zumba, yoga, cardio, kickboxing, volley ball, step aerobics and many more offered at Main Campus’s athletic facilities, keeping those pesky pounds off is easier.

One tip to keep in mind: the food on your lips will leave a mark on your hips.

For more information about Temple gym hours of operation: https://www.temple.edu/studentaffairs/studentcenters/sfc/reccenter/gymhours.html

For more information about Temple’s Fitness Schedule: https://www.temple.edu/studentaffairs/studentcenters/sfc/docs/recreation/fall2013_groupfitness.pdf


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