Police Release Surveillance Video of Vandalism on Campus

Philadelphia Police have joined Temple Police in tracking down the three men responsible for a rash of car break-ins last Friday morning.

Surveillance video obtained by Temple Update shows three men walking next to cars on campus and flashing a light inside before breaking the window with a blunt object.

According to police, over 40 cars were damaged early Friday morning. The three men smashed windows on cars in various locations, including next to the Montgomery Parking Garage.

Temple Update was there the morning after and spoke with Temple students who were victims of the vandalism.

“At first I was like, okay this is kind of funny,” Zach Haines told Temple Update. “I was like expecting…I was expecting it after I saw the line of cars, when I saw it I was like ‘Alright Whatever it is what it is’,  I was just lucky like nothing was taken or anything, or else I would have been really upset about it.”

Another student, Colin Constanza, said, “Not really excited, I’m more like shocked, nothing was taken. I would understand if it was money because there are people who do need money more than other people, seemed like it was more for a thrill honestly, not like even money or a reward, just did it for fun.

Temple Police are urging those with information that will lead to the arrest of the suspects to contact them at 215-204-1234.

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