Portions of Parks in PA Shut Down

Local park-goers in Doylestown talked to Temple Update about why it is so important to be outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Annie is a senior who needs to practice physical therapy in order to remain healthy. The best way for to stay healthy is by going out and walking around George M. Bush Park. She says she can help defend herself against becoming ill by going out on walks.

People can still walk around the park, however most facilities in the park will be closed until April 30th.

Closed facilities include:

  • Park and forest offices and visitor centers
  • Restrooms
  • Campgrounds, cabins, and all forms of overnight accommodations, including the Nature Inn
  • Public programs, events, and trainings are canceled

Patricia Murphy told Temple Update she is not surprised that the parks have closed down, but she has not let it stop her from going out on walks with her son.

I understand it, they are just being cautious, so you just have to do what they tell you to do” she said.

Even though you can still walk around the park you must still practice social distancing and you should wash your hands when you return from going out to a park.

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