Positive Body Event Helping Women on Campus

The Positive Body Image Workshop Event took place last week at the student center. This event is meant to help women at Temple understand and deal with issues involving the body and mind.

Led by a Temple student, the event was hosted by Emma Borgstrom. She is a junior social worker and personal trainer.

However, Borgstrom didn’t organize the event on her own. Temple CHAARG says they helped with its creation.

CHAARG is an organization that helps people overcome struggles with health and fitness. According to her, personal challenges is what lead Borgstrom to host these events.

“I had a decade long struggle with an eating disorder, and when I started to finally speak up about my struggles, and committed to recovery fully and really threw myself into it, that’s when I set myself free,” Borgstrom stated.

“Through recovering, [I] found weight lifting, and was able to transform a lot of lives and help people develop a healthier relationship with food and exercise,” she said.

Borgstrom began the event by telling her story, allowing others to feel comfortable telling theirs.

This lead to her asking a question, to which everyone would respond by writing in a journal.

The question was, “If working out did not contribute to changing your appearance at all, how different would your workout be?”

“And that was the question that I was proposed to a long time ago, and it completely flipped the way I treat my workouts,” said Borgstrom.

The women at the event told their stories, but for personal reasons, they were not recorded.

Borgstrom, as well as the members of CHAARG, said that if women on campus are dealing with any issues and need to talk, there are professionals on campus they can go to.

Borgstrom explained that, “being vulnerable is a super power. But it’s such a superpower, and I think it has the ability to help a lot of people and also help yourself.”

More information about CHAARG’s cause can be found on their website.

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