Diamond Marching Band is Marching Forward with In-Person Shows

Written by Olivia Benner

The Pride of the Cherry and White has returned for another season, full of half-splits and summer hits. 

This season marks a milestone for not only the freshmen, but the sophomore band members. These are the members who are stepping onto Lincoln Financial Field for the first time. 

“I was in awe the entire time, like oh my god,” said Sophomore Gage Bernstein, reflecting on his first performance at the Linc.

“Like, this is everything I thought it was going to be and more,” he noted.

Though the band is excited to be back, coming out of the pandemic, it has had its fair share of challenges.

The Diamond Marching Band says it performs a new show for every home game. With Temple Football hosting three games back to back in Philadelphia, the band had to adjust to learning a new show in a matter of days.

Director of Athletic Bands, Dr. Matthew Brunner, gives all the credit to students. He says they are pulling these shows together.

“The students are very talented,” he noted. “The students are very capable of doing something like this.”

Flashing back to a year ago, the marching band was entirely different. The pandemic, however, could not stop the band from doing what they love.

With limitations from the CDC, the band relied on strategy to make the season great. 

“Because of how many people we could have out on the field at a certain time, we actually split the whole band up into four groups,” recalled Sophomore Sam MacFarlane. 

Dr. Brunner stated that the band would record the audio and video separately, and then it would be edited together to look like one cohesive piece. 

These performances can still be found on the Temple Bands’ Youtube channel.  

The Linc isn’t the only place you can see the band perform. On Saturday, November 6 at 3 p.m., the Diamond Band will be hosting its annual indoor concert at the Temple Performing Arts Center. The event is free to attend.

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