Protestors March in Center City, Demand “Count Every Vote”


As election results come in, Philadelphia residents have began protesting the possibility of a stolen election.

The “Count Every Vote” protestors, coordinated by multiple organizations, are demanding that President Trump does not declare an early victory and instead wait until all votes are counted.

Organizer Hayley Ratcliff says she does not want her hard work to go to waste.

“I want to make sure that all the work that we’ve been doing for the last three months to get all of the ballots counted..are actually counted,” she said.

Protestor Amanda Klein says now is not the time to back down.

“I want to see all these people continue to fight to have their voice heard, I want the world to know that Philadelphia is not backing down, that we’re going to stand up and have our voice heard,” she said.

Both the police and national guard had a strong presence Wednesday night, but stood back as protestors marched, their voices filling the streets.

While the central demand of the protest is to count every vote, other calls for change were heard as well.

Protestors called out the national guard, who has been stationed in Philadelphia since the shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

Signs of “Count Every Vote” and “Black Lives Matter” filled Market Street as protestors marched from City Hall to Independence Mall.

With the election still undecided, it is likely for more protests to follow.


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