Rachel Hall Recovery: One Year Later

On April 29, 2015, Rachel Hall was the victim of a hit and run on Diamond Street. After being run over while riding her bike, Rachel was left in critical condition, suffering a collapsed lung, a fractured skull, and was left in a comatose state for up to two months, leaving many wondering if she would pull through.

As the one year anniversary approaches, many of Rachel’s former teammates on the Temple Women’s Lacrosse team and others were excited to hear that she will walk at this year’s graduation. Her mother announced on Facebook on Sunday, April 24 that, while Rachel was still rehabbing from the injuries she suffered in the hit and run, she would get to do what she was physically unable to do a year earlier.


In a statement received from Hall’s mother Kathryn, Rachel said “I am excited to be graduating this year and to have my friends beside me. All my hard work in therapy has been paying off and this injury will not define me. As my high school volleyball coach Ms. Moore would say. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. I am Temple Tough.”

Temple Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach, Bonnie Rosen says that, given the severity of the accident, to see where Rachel is now, is certainly a relief to see. Rosen says that “We didn’t know what Rachel’s future held for her at all, it’s pure joy honestly.”

Senior Defenseman, Kara Stroup attributes Rachel’s recovery over the last year to how much of an athlete she was during her time at Temple. Stroup says ” A lot of it has to do with her being an athlete, and just how the body was able to recover better and faster than lother people can… It’s amazing.”

Sophomore Defenseman, Kaitlin Suzuki also has a meaningful part in Rachel’s graduation, as Rachel’s mother reached out to her for help in designing her graduation cap. Suzuki says “for another artist to trust me to do that, i was very honored, I’m excited to see how it turns out.”




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