Reading Terminal Transformation Project

Gianni Dimitriyadis and Hannah Layton report on the Filbert Street Project

Reading Terminal Market has unveiled the new 1.5-million-dollar Filbert Street Transformation Project. Crowds gathered at Reading Terminal on Tuesday in celebration of the Filbert Street debut. The 1100 block of Filbert Street has been officially converted into a large outdoor dining and event space.  

Tables, lighting, and curb-less multi-purpose streets have been constructed to improve accessibility and transportation. Reading Terminal employees hope to establish and popularize this exciting new addition as a seasonal public-use location for customers.  

We spoke to CEO/General Manager Annie Allman to learn more about Reading Terminals’ vision for Filbert Street. 

“The idea was to make a more pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare. We wanted to bring art, music, and other things to the sidewalk portion, which is now nice and wide. Then we’d like to pull the street permit and close the street fully for select events.”  

Allman spoke about the process of this reconstruction and how the transformation project came to fruition. After years of planning, Allman is thrilled to see the success of Filbert Street.

“We spent so much time visualizing what this would look and feel like. We did all this work. This past Saturday I walked out across Jefferson, and I thought, ‘Who threw a party? I didn’t know we had an event already.’ But then I realized that it was just our customers, enjoying the tables and the new atmosphere. So, this is going to be a home run. Now, we really have to start getting engaged with what to do out here.” 

The Filbert Street Transformation project is one of the multiple projects Reading Terminal Market is currently undertaking. According to Allman, more additions are in the works to improve customers’ experience and maintain the market. To stay updated about future events at Reading Terminal Market’s Filbert Street visit Upcoming Events – Reading Terminal Market.

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