Doug Mastriano Election Night Celebration

On election night, supporters gathered at the Penn Harris hotel in Camp Hill for State Senator Doug Mastriano’s watch party.

The event featured guest speakers, free swag, live music, a buffet dinner, and of course, Doug Mastriano. 

Kicking the night off, the crowd was led in an opening prayer and united in singing the national anthem and reciting the pledge of allegiance.  

Mastriano spoke early, hoping to inspire and rally his supporters in attendance. 

“From every edge of the state, every county we’ve seen such a movement like never before in Pennsylvania history and it’s been worth the fight. and we’re going to take this fight all the way to Harrisburg just across the river.” 

The large crowd was mostly optimistic, eager to see a victory for their candidate.

“Yeah, i’m predicting Mastriano to win, for sure. yeah. i’m just very excited.” 

Not everyone there was certain Mastriano did enough to ensure a win tuesday night.

“I’m not so sure about this race. you know, I supported and voted for Doug. but, I’m not really sure how great of a marketing job that he’s done.”

Vice reporter and former temple update anchor Alexis Johnson was following the Mastriano campaign for months leading up to election night.

Johnson spoke about Mastriano’s relationship with the media and the lack of coverage outside his immediate base. she also spoke about the nature of his campaign. 

“There were a lot of long-standing republicans in the state that said that Doug Mastriano was even too extreme for them.”

Celebrations tapered off around ten o’clock, but the exciting energy carried on throughout the night.

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