Recent Car Crimes

Last week a Fox School of Business senior associate director’s Hyundai was stolen right outside of Weiss Hall on 13th and Cecil B Moore Avenue next to two resident halls, 1300 and Temple Towers. 

The car was later found crashed a few blocks away, along with dashcam footage of the thieves driving the vehicle around campus before unplugging the camera. 

It isn’t the only car that’s been stolen. Over a week ago, 2 Hyundai models and 1 Kia model were taken from the Liacouras parking garage near campus. 

These crimes come after a recent trend online showing a glitch in the models’ systems, allowing thieves to start the cars with a USB plug.

Although to leave the garage you either need a parking pass or you pay your ticket on the way out officials told Temple Update that the thieves drove right through the gate arm at a high speed that left the equipment damaged. 

TRT: 12.6 secsCrimes like these continue to raise students’ concern over safety on campus.  

These recent crimes have some students even more concerned about places that are considered safe.

Sophomore Tia Polizzi expressed, “if I can’t have my car in the garage where I am supposed to have it, the streets aren’t any safer. It just makes me and my parents really nervous,” and same for senior at Temple, Anthony Simone, “now that people are going in there and taking cars from the garage, there’s not really a safe spot to put your car anymore.”

In response to the recent car thefts, Campus Safety and Parking Services are implementing more safety measures such as increasing security patrols, keeping the garage door closed, and using your Temple ID to enter and exit the pedestrian doors.

Additionally, Parking Services are offering to have staff check in on your car during its time in the garage. Authorities also strongly recommend purchasing a steering wheel lock for your car, especially if you have one of the targeted vehicle models like Hyundai or Kia

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