Three Years Since COVID Shut Down

This week marks three years since Temple shut down and switched to online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some students reminisce on their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. “That was genuinely one of the craziest times of my entire life,” said senior Jason Coughlin. 

Coughlin further his experience by stating, “I feel very unmotivated if I’m doing all my work in my room, and that was the reality I was in and in the apartment I lived in that year, it had a really small bedroom. And so my desk literally backed up to my bed. So I just felt really claustrophobic in my room.”

The University is heading back to normal with in-person learning and relaxed masked mandate. Owls are able to join clubs, socialize, come back to campus and study together at the Charles Library

Students notice a big difference in their grades and opportunities to socialize.

“My grades are better now just because like online like you can get away with a lot more things and like, not putting in as much effort. So like when you like are in person and like kind of like makes you actually like learn more,” said Sarah Goldstein. 

Hayley Williams, a junior at Temple even stated, “I have more motivation now being in person rather than just sitting in my home like kind of having distractions and all of that so I would say probably my grades are better.”

Due to changes during COVID students noticed a change in behavior in connecting with others and socializing on campus. Kiana Gonzalez remembers when she was a freshmen student hanging with her friends now she sees students not making any new connections or socializing 

 “I noticed with the combination of hybrid learning is that a lot of people have changed coming back to in person. You know, people don’t want to socialize as much. People don’t want to, like make connections, people don’t want to hang out after classes, like before,” said Kiana Gonzalez.

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