Reducing End-Of-Semester Stress

On Tuesday, April 23, Student Activities held an outdoor festival on 13th Street in front of the
Student Center as part of a nice way to close out the last week of classes. As finals draw near,
students are looking for any way to cope with the stress and anxiety of it all. Fortunately, the
zip lines, free food and bouncy houses were enough for Temple University students to do just
When asked about how finals were treating her, Evette Maritato, a senior at Temple, had this
to say: “The carnival has been a great stress reliever because I’ve been here with my wonderful
friends and we’re just having fun doing the bouncy house and the zipline. I’m pretty stressed
out because this is my last two weeks at Temple and I’m nervous about graduating. Finals week
is usually pretty stressful time for me so I, you know, tend to get a bit anxious.”
Donny Krause, another Temple student who is in his third year, says, “This carnival is kind of a
stress reliever for me because, well its free first of all and its really close to where I live, and it
honestly just a really good time and I’m having a good time here with my friends.”

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