ReimagineTU Wins 2024 TSG Election Against Owls United

Temple has chosen their next Student Body Government. ReImagineTU, led by Ray Epstein, has won the role for the 2024-2025 school year.

Temple Student Government is holding elections from 12:00 a.m., Wednesday April 10th to 11:59 p.m., Thursday April 11th, and the winners of the election will represent the entire student body for the 2024-2025 School Year.

There are two groups running this year, and your vote will decide who wins.

“Temple student government, it’s really like the connection from the student body to the current administration not just like connections from the student body to the administration but also like the local of North Philadelphia,” said Election Commissioner Olivia Anne Eisner.

This year, the two groups running are ReimagineTU, led by Ray Epstein, and Owls United, led by Lily Huynh.

At the debate on Monday, both parties got a chance to talk about the policies they are running on. 

Among the things that ReimagineTU wants to add to campus is a 24/7 Reduced-Price Emergency-Contraception Vending Machine

“It is offered at Student Health Services, but is Student Health Services 24 hours of the day, no. And do you have to talk to somebody about your experience?… Yes, so we’re trying to take out… all of that’s associated all the pressure, and all of the embarrassment that somebody might feel when they’re trying to obtain Emergency contraception,” said Epstein.

One of the platforms that Owls United is running on is Campus Safety.

“I think that if we can increase the lighting, um students can feel safe, especially when people are leaving clubs really late at night, and they go home alone… And I think being seen, in a sense, makes them feel more safe,” said Huynh.

Both parties have policies surrounding meal plans. ReimagineTU is advocating for Meal Plan Sharing and Rollover.

“I want meal swipe sharing, the punishment that’s just been associated with it, to be overturned, and I also want to expand it so that we can have rollover so that the meal your paying for, you have them,” said Epstein.

TSG Policies don’t just apply on campus. Both ReimagineTU and Owls United have ideas that focus on the off-campus environment. Owls United is focused on Waste.

“Holding our students accountable for the waste on off campus. i see how it affects non-Temple communities and i see how it affects Temple communities,” said Huynh.

Where to Vote?

Party Policies

Reimagine TU

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

                        Diversifying Tuttleman Therapists​

                        Meal Swipe Sharing & Rollover

                        Bathroom Equality

                        Textbook Equality

                        TSG Speaks

                        Town Hall Collaborations

                        Mandatory DE&I Training

Physical & Mental Wellbeing

                        Narcan & Emergency Contraception Vending Machines

                        Substance Use & Abuse Prevention

Public Safety

                        Uber Vouchers

                        Owl Safety Letter

                        Fraternity Flight Map

                        Flight Service Refresh

Sexual Assault Prevention

                        Orientation Module Revamp

                        SafeBar Certification & Cup Covers

                        Fraternity Workshops

                        SACE Advocates


                       Accessible Community Engagement

                        Doggy Bag Stations

                        Community & Student Leader Forum

                        Back to School Night


TSG Podcast

                        Representative Roundtable

                        Student Organization Revamp

                        Accessibility Officers


                        Divestment Campaign

Block Clean Up & Greek Life

Greek Life

                        Greek Liaison

Owls United

            Improving Meal Plan Options

            Campus Safety

            Reducing Waste and Carbon Footprint

            Commuter Cost Reduction

            Investment Transparency

            Centralizing and Optimizing Student Resources

            Sustainability in our Community

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