Rendell: DNC in Philadelphia “Priceless”

Just by it’s presence here in Philadelphia, the Democratic National Convention is bringing a wealth of opportunity to the city.

With the DNC comes increase in tourism to local business exposure.

However the biggest benefit the convention will bring to Philadelphia is spotlighting all of what the City of Brotherly Love has to offer, being home to some of the most well noted U.S. and international leaders for the next 4 days.

Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell believes the national television coverage of these delegates in Philadelphia will be priceless for the city.

“Going up the Rocky steps, or posing with the Rocky statue, or the next day having a cheese steak at Pat’s in South Philly…going to the delegate party at the Kimmel Center. All of that gets covered… visit Philadelphia estimates to get that type of local tv coverage, the city would have to spend between 80 to 100 million dollars. It’s priceless.”

During his time as mayor of Philadelphia, Rendell says the New York Times reported that the city had seen one of the biggest municipal turn arounds in urban hostory, and the Republican National Convention got to see that when Philadelphia was the host city in 2000.

“The delegates are going to see an even different city then the delegates and the media saw in 2000, they are going to see a city that has advanced even further… i think they’ll see a city’s that’s vibrant.”

There was no question to Governor Rendell that he could sell Philadelphia as the backdrop for this year’s DNC, so he put together a bid and headed to Washington as chairman of the host committee to win the nomination for his city…

But winning was only half the battle.

“When we were informed that we won, I said the good news is that Philadelphia won the right to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The bad news is Philadelphia won the right the host the 2016 democratic nation convention because we have to raise a lot of money and that’s very hard.”

This year will mark the first time the federal government will not contribute 18 million dollar to the convention host cities.

“In an effort to raise 64 million dollars, it’s a lot of work. We have a great staff Philadelphia 2016, it’s a great group of people very small but dedicated. I would say I make two-thirds of the fundraising phone calls asking people for money from all over the country.”


Governor Rendell ultimately hope that the DNC will act as a strong jumping off point for the Democratic Presidential Candidate’s campaign leading up to the election in November.


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