Safety With Ride Sharing Services

Samatha Josephson, a student from South Carolina’s future came to an abrupt end when she got into a car she thought was her Uber. Now those closest to Sammy are demanding changes of how riding sharing services operate. Spencer Tracy has the story on how students on Temple Campus can stay safe while catching a ride.  

Whats My name… is a simple question you can ask before using ride sharing services and a way students and faculty of South Carolina University are urging people to ask before they get into a car. 

Back at Temple University, it hit students close to home of how to use caution when taking a ride. A popular way maneuvering around campus or even to the city a lot of Temple students have relied on ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. While using ride sharing services, make sure to check the license plate, and make and model of the car. It is also important to share your location with family and friends.

 James O’Connell has been an Uber driver for three years. Despite the tragedy in South Carolina, O’ Connell says ride share services like the one he works for are committed to safety of their riders.  “Uber knows everything about me, my car, when I’m on a ride, how fast I’m going  and they know when I hit the break accelerate.” said O’Connell. 

Unlike South Carolina, Philly law requires Uber and Lyft drivers to display a decal on the front and back windshield of their vehicle to let riders know its them. Director Of Public Safety, Charles Leone, says these precautions are important. “Make sure to have a plan know where your going, know how your going to get there, have friends know where your going” said Charles Leone.

The South Carolina House passes a ride share safety bill to require drivers to have display illuminated signs. These logos are a way for riders to tell whether a car is an on duty and begin the process of verifying their ride.

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