Temple Professor’s Life-Saving Lesson

Dr. David Brookstein gave his fifth and final presentation this week to students at Central High School, his alma mater. Brookstein is a professor and senior associate dean of Temple University’s College of Engineering. While he teaches engineering to college students, he also started to bring presentations to his old stomping grounds. While this was his last presentation, it was also a very special one. Brookstein incorporated a personal story into this presentation that showed how modern engineering saved his life.


Three years ago, Brookstein decided to get a baseline cardiology exam and was told that his aortic valve may not be operating properly. Later, doctors found out that Brookstein had severe aortic stenosis, which was followed for 2 years before needing an operation. The operation was a success, and Brookstein stated that “It’s a great story because modern engineering saved my life,” which he then incorporated in his lecture.


Brookstein said he loves being back at Central, stating that he could have only received his other degrees because of the education that he received in high school. He said that Central was by far the best education he has received in his entire life. Whether at Temple University or Central High School, Dr. Brookstein will continue to teach and spread the importance of modern engineering.




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