Security At Barton Hall Lacking, Students Say

There’s no missing Campus Safety Services’ presence around campus, except in one building. Barton Hall, a centrally located building, has no security infrastructure or guard posts.

“I think it’s a little weird that there is security pretty tight in every other building, but not Barton at all,” said student Zach Niblick.

All other University buildings have active security guards who check student ID’s upon entrance, or they use a swipe-to-enter system, which ensures safety; Barton Hall does not.

Stephanie Craft, sophomore, shared a personal experience that shows the extent of this security flaw.

Barton Hall’s security is inconsistent with other buildings, students say.

“I feel like anyone from off the street could just walk in,” said Craft. “Last year I actually brought one of my friends to class just because it doesn’t really matter. You can walk into any class.”

Many Science and Technology based classes meet in Barton Hall every day. Yet, students feel that Barton security does not meet the same standards of other campus buildings.

“Temple needs to tighten its security,” Student Zach Niblick said.

Although some students with classes in Barton Hall expressed major concern for this security issue, Director of Public Safety, Charles Leone, looks at this issue from a different angle.

Leone applauded Temple’s security efforts, citing reports which state that overall crime is down 26% on campus.

Still, many students and faculty members are weary after an incident last semester in which a professor was attacked and robbed inside Anderson Hall by an individual not associated with the university. Leone agrees with the students that Barton security does indeed need some improvement, but until then other forms of CSS resources assume the role of protecting students in the building. Police rovers and exterior patrols, such as bike cops, can maintain a safe atmosphere until the security changes in Barton take place, according to Leone.

For more information on Temple University Campus Security you can visit the Campus Safety Services Website.




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