SEPTA Implements Rear-Door Boarding, Suspends Bus and Trolley Fares

In an effort to provide a safe travel environment during the coronavirus pandemic, SEPTA will now require rear-door boarding on all bus and trolley routes, starting Wednesday, April 1.

All riders will board and exit from the rear doors, except for riders with disabilities, who will still have access to front-door boarding.

In addition to rear-door boarding, SEPTA is suspending on-board fare collection to keep drivers safe. The number of of riders per vehicle will also be restricted.

At most, there can be 20 riders on buses, 25 on trolleys, and 30 on the Norristown High Speed Line. Operators will keep track of the number of people on board and if a vehicle reaches the maximum, service will be limited to drop-offs only until there is enough space for new riders to get on.

SEPTA says these new measures are to further promote social distancing on-board vehicles and limit contact between operators and passengers.

For the latest information, visit SEPTA’s website.


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