SEPTA Key Expands to the Rails


Riding on a SEPTA train used to mean buying a ticket or a pass for the month, but starting this week the ways we pay for train fare will continue to evolve into one single method: the SEPTA Keycard.

The SEPTA Key card has been in “Early Adopters” phase for a while now to prepare commuters for the transition and give an incentive to those who want to use the new system early, such as discounts for coffee and sports tickets.

According to SEPTA’s website, SEPTA Key becomes the primary mode of travel for the Market Frankford and Broad Street lines effective this week, as tokens, paper day-passes, and Reduced Fare Cards are no longer accepted.

Students filter through the gates of Temple’s regional rail station

SEPTA Key will function as a universal transit pass and will be purchased then linked to your debit/credit card. The SEPTA Key also functions as a wallet for funds to be transferred into for transit fare.

For those not willing to invest in a Keycard, single-use “Quick Trips” are for sale, though not eligible for discounts. Subway tokens will now only serve the purpose of purchasing Quick Trips.

The future of regional rail payments is set to follow the way of the underground lines, as SEPTA train stations in Center City have already received the kiosks used to swipe a keycard, and installation of kiosks begins in Zone 3 this week as well.

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