Go, Blue Dress, Go

Cassandra Semyon is getting back into the swing of things at Temple University.

The senior Klein College student is fresh off of an internship with MSNBC in Washington D.C., as well as some unexpected viral fame.

Leaving the hearing for Paul Manafort, Cassie was captured running across the stage, rushing to get to her editors with the news of a verdict.

Cassie is seen running across the press stage, to deliver news to her editors. (CC: AP Photo)

“This woman approached me and introduced herself as Jacquelyn Martin, the AP Photographer,” Cassie told Temple Update. “She said ‘hey I have this really good photo of you, my editors love it, can I get your name for the caption,’ and I said ‘of course.'”

The photo went viral, gathering thousands of retweets, shares, and hits across all major media platforms even earning praise from NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Professor Paul Gluck, the General Manager of Temple University Television, was not surprised that Cassie was the reporter who was captured hustling out of the courtroom.

“She has this.. sense of commitment when it comes to her work,” Gluck told Temple Update. “That I can’t say is unparalleled, but I haven’t seen it in many people.”

In the midst of her time in the spotlight, Cassie praised Temple Update for giving her a “hands-on” approach – being something she will take with her wherever she goes.

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