SEPTA Tests New Fare System

New technology will soon be replacing tokens as SEPTA prepares for a massive upgrade on its payment system. The new electronic payment system, which has been delayed for almost a year, will soon be in effect on all SEPTA transportation facilities.

The gigantic project will allow SEPTA to change their form of payment and allow riders to pay with NFC chip-equipped cards, phones and other devices.

In order to test out whether or not the payment system is effective, SEPTA plans to launch an employee pilot to test the new technology on buses, trolleys and subways.  The effectiveness of the pilot will determine when the system launches.

Dilworth Park has been one of the test stations for the new payment system where SEPTA workers have been working around the clock to get the system up and running. After the new technology is implemented, SEPTA will begin to introduce the new payment system on the regional rail system which would be a little bit more complicated. Once the new system gets up and running, more SEPTA customers would become aware of this change. SEPTA will also provide a video tutorial that will show riders how to use the system on each of the different modes.

Students might also be in for a treat as SEPTA is also in the works of integrating student ID’s into the new payment system.

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