“Sir Cannabis” Clothing Line Shows the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Cancer survivor and former Temple student, Chris Voag, created the “Sir Cannabis” clothing line to promote the medical benefits of marijuana.

After being diagnosed with stage one testicular cancer, Voag used marijuana to deal with the nausea from the cisplatin chemotherapy he was receiving. Voag says that after using cannabis, he could do the things that he enjoyed doing, like going to the gym.

Later on in his journey, he enrolled in Temple University, where he graduated from in 2016. Upon graduating, Chris found out that his father had been diagnosed with stage four oral cancer.

To help his father, Chris gave him THC infused tea that would help his father deal with the effects of chemotherapy. He says that the THC tea helped his father survive the treatment and eventually be cancer-free.

Following his father’s recovery, Chris started the “Sir Cannabis” clothing line, where he features clothing with the “Sir Cannabis” character.

He began to make more clothing and started an Instagram page to showcase his pieces. On the Instagram page, he features his clothing along with what he calls the “Cannabis Warrior” series in which he shares stories of other people who are benefitting from medical cannabis.

His brand caught the attention of some celebrities, like George Lopez, who is now featured on some of the clothing.

Chris sets his brand apart from other cannabis clothing lines by featuring real stories of people who use medical marijuana, and not advertise the normal “stoner” stigma.

Voag says that through his own personal experience with using cannabis for medical reasons,  “Sir Cannabis” can be more trustworthy and authentic to customers.

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