Happy Wellness Day!

Just in time before finals season, the Wellness Resource Center at Temple arranged a day where students can enjoy fun activities and a relaxing environment.

Mental Well-Being Program Coordinator Janie Egan works with the Wellness Resource Center to promote wellness and healthy living.

“From the Wellness Resource Center’s perspective, we have this whole person focus. Understanding that there are a lot of different dimensions to wellness from physical, mental, to emotional,” Egan told Temple Update.

Event-goers at the Student Activities Center were excited to play with therapy dogs, stick their hands in some paint, and even get back massages.

“Last week we saw that there were going to be therapy dogs here, that was the immediate draw, and it just happens to be in a really good break between classes so we thought we should check it out,” says Temple Senior Alice Haakvag.

Despite the positive remarks on the event, Temple Senior Shelby Wilkinson wishes there would be more events promoting wellness on campus all year round.

“So many of us are super stressed and getting worn down… but I feel like if they had more events throughout the semester, we wouldn’t be getting to this really high-stress level where we feel so dependent on these activities.”

For more events, programs, and services by the Wellness Resource Center visit https://wellness.temple.edu/

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