Weather Has Chilling Effect On Food Truck Business

The spring semester started off with mounds of snow, school cancellations and delays, which take a toll on those that may not immediately come to mind: food vendors.

Campus food trucks and other outdoor dining establishments rely on Temple University to keep their businesses afloat. These businesses have taken a hard hit from this snowy weather. Places such as The Creperie at Temple, Bagel Hut and Richie’s have seen a significant decrease in business due to school cancellations and extreme temperatures.

“This year is very cold.  And my business is going down about 40 percent,” Adif Goxhaj, a cook for Ray’s Food Truck said.

School cancellations are not the only reason students are not coming out to their staple food trucks. The freezing temperatures are enough to keep them inside their homes because it is simply too cold.

“Students don’t want to come out. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even want to come to work.  I mean it’s just too cold,” Chris Foley from The Creperie at Temple said.

The Crepe Truck and Bagel Hut have had other issues due to the frigid weather.

“But, you know, our drinks, everything freezes. Everything. Even the dough that we keep inside for the crepes, that freezes,” Foley says.

Some vendors say the weather is a factor in ordering ingredients and supplies.

“But I try to watch the weather daily to see what the next day projects because I order daily for the following days so it’s been pretty iffy,” said Jo Ciallella of Bagel Hut.

With warmer weather finally approaching, most owners and workers are expecting business to pick back up and return to normal.  With the third snowiest winter heading out, food businesses are expecting busier days and are hopeful for a successful spring semester.

Richie Jr., owner of Richie’s said, “It’s like 46 degrees. You kidding me? This is like, you know, we’re in Miami today.”

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