Spotlight at Temple

Temple students got a sneak peak look of the movie ‘Spotlight’ on Wednesday night, courtesy of Dean Boardman.

The movie follows the Spotlight team of The Boston Globe – a team of four investigative journalists who spend months interviewing and digging into the archives to unearth the abuse scandal plaguing the Catholic Church.

Walter “Robbie” Robinson, a Pulitzer Prize winner who lead the Spotlight team in their investigation, attended the screening and held a Q&A for the audience following the movie.

“This isn’t a story about us, this is a story about the possibilities of investigative reporting, and how any reporter who wants to can find and expose injustice. That’s what the stories about,” said Mr. Robinson.

The movie screening was hosted at the Pearl Theater on North Broad Street and was open to students throughout the university.

Spotlight is released to theaters Friday, November 13.

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