#StadiumTalk: TSG Hosts Stadium Forum, Protests Ensue

The Temple Student Government hosted a student forum for discussion of a possible on-campus football stadium Monday. It was cut short by protest both from students and members of the community surrounding the proposed site.

Temple University brought the idea forward after the Eagles proposed doubling the current amount the university pays for using Lincoln Financial Field. Following opposition from Mayor Jim Kenney, Temple Student Government organized this forum for students and Philadelphians alike to be able to voice their opinions. Forum-goers were able to get their questions answered by major players President Theobald and Athletic Director Pat Kraft.

People were also welcome to tweet questions to TSG. Student questions were pooled and asked by TSG to both Theobald and Kraft.

Some in attendance shouted rhetorical questions that were not addressed by either President Theobald or Dr. Kraft.

One woman at the forum said, “We feel like you look at our community as just ‘oh, it’s just North Philly,” but you’re in North Philly.”

Protestors could be heard chanting “Where is Community?!” and “Gentrification. Temple Made.” Any students who protested the event were escorted out by Temple Police. The forum ended early because of too many student protests.

When asked why the community was not allowed in, TSG President Ryan Rinaldi said “My first responsibility is to the students.”

Those interested in the forum could submit questions via a Google Doc TSG created.


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  1. Just to clarify, questions were open to anyone, then preselected. The meeting itself was open to students only, closed to any other Philadelphians or community members

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