Students Abroad Tour Catalan Radio

Temple Spain student Simone Cuccurullo is reporting this semester from Barcelona, Spain. Her second report is on her visit to the famous Catalunya Radio station.

Students studying communications in Barcelona had the opportunity to witness the power of radio as they toured the city’s most famous radio station.

“People in Spain and an urban network like Barcelona, move around a lot, so headphones are very important,” said Christopher Tulloch, a Catalunya Radio Employee. “You see a lot of Spanish motorcyclists with their radio on their headphones.”

Living abroad has given students the chance to experience Catalunya radio. Catalunya radio is Catalonia’s public radio network that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, exclusively in Catalan.

“The key to the project is being able to, sort of, take the pulse of the differential characteristics of Catalan people in comparison to the Spaniards, “ said Tulloch.

Those aspiring to pursue a career in media learned the in’s and out’s of the different departments that Catalunya Radio has to offer.

“I get to listen to a broadcast fully in the language that they grew upon, and it’s their language they’re trying to gain independence with,” said Casey Holgan, Temple Study Abroad student. “I thought it was a great experience to see where it comes from.”

“I enjoyed it because I’ve never, I always listen to the radio, but I’ve never seen people actually live reporting,” said Matt Spiros, Temple Study Abroad student. “There was a soccer game on when we went, and they were reporting live with the play-by-play which was pretty cool to see.”

Although listeners mainly tune in on their radios in their homes or in their cars, students in Barcelona and all over the world can stay connected by visiting or downloading the app on their mobile devices.

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