Students Get Puppy Love & Free Breakfast During Finals Week

Temple University Libraries hold special perks for students during finals week with the program Crunch Time Cafe.

Campus has entered full study mode with the library changing it’s 2 AM close time a 24 hour study oasis.

The series features sessions titled Crafts n’ Games, an opportunity to take a break from studying by unwinding with crafts and games, Destress with Dogs, a chance to pet some furry pals, and The End is Near, a last call for caffeine, treats, and healthful snacks to help students power through to the end of exams and propel them toward a much needed break.

The founder of Destress with Dogs believes it is important for students to have the opportunity to spend time with Temple’s own therapy dogs – it helps remind them what it is like to be home with their own four-legged friends.

It provides a unique chance for students to relieve pressure from exams, projects, and papers in the Paley Library Lecture Hall.

For the full Destress with Dogs schedule, click here.



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