The Issue of Race at Temple University

Temple has a Black Student Union, an NAACP chapter and an African American Studies Department but still Black students feel that racism exists outside of the Black organizations.

After racially explicit slurs emerged on the anonymous app, Yik Yak and a White Student Union Twitter account trolled Black students last semester to go against the Black Student Union and Black Lives Matter campaign (which was organized to combat racism), some students feel afraid. Gabriel Gonzalez, a Temple senior, stated, “I think more so now what I’m afraid of with the Missouri thing is being attacked by drunk white people and not getting any justice for it almost.”

Dr. Molefi Asante, a professor and the head of the African American Studies Department at Temple said, “These problems can be found in various forms at all universities, at Temple University itself.”

The students at Mizzou took a stance against racism at their school and the students at Temple University are not afraid to do so either. They have the African American Studies Department behind them all the way.


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