Students Pack Up for Fall Break

With the semester coming to a close, fall break is right around the corner and students are preparing to pack up and head home for the holiday.

Student Liz Kroll says she will visit a long-time friend and then catch up on her favorite TV shows.

“I’m going to go home and probably spend most of my time in bed watching Netflix,” Liz Kroll said.

Paige Wagner will spend her time with family.

“Well, I’m just gonna spend the time relaxing, try to calm down from the school year,” she said. “Probably catch up on some work. But just hang out with my family and eat a lot of food.”

But for some, it won’t be a relaxing break. Dillon Reyes will be spending his time working on a paper and studying for exams.

“So, I’m studying history right now,” he said. “So, I have a long research paper that I’m working on and I will be spending a lot of time reading over the break.”

But students say the best part of the break will be…

“Eating some good home-cooked meals and I’m really excited about Thanksgiving,” she said. “It’s one of my favorite holidays because mashed potatoes are my favorite food.”

“I’m going to bank off my parents cooking, Wagner said. “You know, stuff like that. Not pay for my own stuff.”

For students living in residence halls such as 1300 and Morgan Hall, residence halls will close this Saturday at 12 pm. The residence halls will re-open next Sunday, November 25th at 10 am. Students must leave their rooms by 12 pm unless they have an approved housing extension.

The Esposito and Morgan hall Dining Centers will close at 4:30 pm this Saturday and will re-open next Sunday, November 25th at 5:00 pm.

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