Update Sports Producer Brings Excitement to Court and Field

Brianna Hofsass, Temple Update’s Sports Producer, holds another key position here at Temple University.
Serving as Temple Athletics emcee, Bri is responsible for drumming up the crowd and creating excitement during football and basketball games.
“So pretty much I’m just the hype person for the Temple Owls. At timeouts, I’m like ‘hey if you
want a t-shirt’ and I throw the t-shirt and it’s a lot of fun to get the crowd going,” Bri said about her position.
Bri has been holding this position since the beginning of the fall semester. She began emceeing the Temple football games during halftime and timeouts to get the crowds going. She said that when she began covering basketball her freshman year for Temple Update that “timeouts were always my favorite part of every single game.”
Scott Walcoff, the Senior AD for External Operations who oversees the Live Host position, says that Bri does a “tremendous job” emceeing the games and keeping the crowd engaged and entertained, which, if the game is going south, is not always an easy feat to accomplish.

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