Students React to Shots Fired Near Campus

Temple University Police sent out an alert to students on Sunday night, March 31, to avoid the 1600 block of Sydenham Street.

For the third time this semester, shots were fired among a group of teens and pre-teens near campus.

“I feel like it’s kind of getting out of hand and the security should be a little bit better,” said Shayla Cotterman, a freshman living on campus.

Julia Timmoneri, a senior, feels like Temple University is not doing as much as they can to protect students.

“It’s definitely a concern for my safety, but I’m a senior so coming to Temple I kind of knew that safety wasn’t the best on Temple’s campus,” she said.

Jennifer D. Griffin, the Vice President & Chief for Public Safety, released an announcement in regards to the recent juvenile meetups on April 1, 2024.

Griffin says, “PPD and TUPD will continue to take a strong approach to these illegal behaviors that disrupt the quality of life of our community.”

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