Temple In Process of General Education Reform

Temple University is in the process of reforming its General Education curriculum. A task force team is currently gathering information from students, faculty, and administrators to review possible changes to the program.  

“We started the process of a review in the fall of 2022 when we did a big self-study, just taking a look at how the program was working from our perspective internally,” said Dr. Dustin Kidd, Chair and Director of General Education. “Then we had a couple of national experts, from other universities come to campus. Their biggest recommendation was that we still don’t know enough.”

The review task force is made up of 27 members, including several faculty members from every school and college that serves undergraduate students, advisors, deans, and four students.  

“I’m on the macro-level committee, which is just kind of looking at the overall scale, what we can do to improve the Gen-Ed system, the way it functions, and how we can get it to better care for students,” said Kyla Miller, a student task force review member. 

Temple’s current Gen-ed program has been around for the last 15 years. Students have mixed emotions about the classes they’ve been taking and how it relates to their major 

“The Gen-Eds that I’m taking are harder than some of my classes, like the classes that are actually for my major. So yeah, I would prefer if they were closer than my major,” said Junior, Michael Grasso.

“I think a lot of people lose focus of Gen-Eds because they don’t always feed into their courses or what they’re supposed to be doing in life,” said Senior Shriva Robertson.

No changes have been made yet, but the task force is confident that they will modify curriculum based on feedback they have received.  These changes will possibly go into effect in the fall of 2027 and will not affect current students. 

Students interested in sharing their General Education feedback can find the survey at https://form.jotform.com/PEX_passport/gened-student-survey .

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