Students Response to Covid Policy

It’s busy on campus, students are now back in person classes, and they are nearly a quarter of the way through the first semester. As this is happening, the Philadelphia vaccine mandate deadlines are closing in.

Students and staff have until Oct. 15th to be fully vaccinated. Those who do not meet the deadlines will be denied access to the university buildings and removal from the Residence Halls. Most students are glad about the mandates.

“Even though we’re a public school, I think it’s great that we’re following the guidelines for Philadelphia,” says Alana Aninipot.

“There should be a deadline that people should be responsible for getting the vaccine,” says Sean Scandle.

Nearly 91% of Residence Hall students and 78% of overall students are fully vaccinated.

At the moment, Temple students are happy to be back and excited that the university is taking steps to keep the community safe. All students who are not fully vaccinated must get their second doses of Moderna or Pfizer Vaccine or a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson by October 1st.

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