Anderson Hall Gets New Name, New Look

Students may have noticed a banner outside on the Pollett Walk saying Anderson Hall will be changing its name. Soon, it will be called the Leonard and Helena Mazur Hall, Temple officials stated. Both Leonard and Helena have been long time partners to the university.

Mazur, a Temple alum, focuses his philanthropic work with Temple on giving students the professional development they need to be successful. He also funded a whole networking program, that is available to students.

“I think that Temple itself is a great institution,” Mazur noted.

The name change comes after years of renovation. Anderson first completed construction back in 1973. It was named after the former president of the university Paul Russell Anderson.

Originally, reconstruction of the lobby was going to be a gift to the university from the Mazur’s. However, this fell through due to plans changing.

“When he made the gift comment, we had already kind of funded the lobby. So, his gift is really gonna support scholarships for students basically,” says Richard Deeg, dean for the college of liberal arts.

The name change was approved by the board of trustees on September 14th. Anderson Hall is officially Mazur Hall.

Leonard and Helena Mazur being honored. Picture Courtesy: Robert Carter

“That day in my comments, one of the most important moments of both my wife’s and I’s lives. Its such an honor you know, I can’t even begin to describe it but it feels really great. That’s all I can say,” says Mazur.

At the moment, there is no definitive date for the actual sign change. Students can expect to see the new sign by the start of the Spring semester.

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