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Temple’s Acapella Community performed this weekend to raise money for Frankford High’s Music Program.

Over the course of a two-hour performance at the Temple Performing Arts Center, all eight of Temple’s groups performed. The event was finished with a massive performance of Lizzo’s Juice done by the nearly 100 members of the community. The music ranged from Coldplay’s Fix You all the way to Stevie Wonder’s Superstition as an audience of family and friends watched from the crowd.

This is the third year in a row that Temple Acapella held this event, and it’s continued to raise money for local music programs. In its first year, the funds went to Liguori Academy’s music program, and last year the funds went to Find Your Instrument, an organization that gives children at under-resourced schools access to musical instruments.

When deciding which organization to support this year, President of Singchronize, Margaret Achenbach said that this year’s benefactor held a special place in the hearts of the Acapella community.

Rebecca Wizov, a Temple and Singchronize alumnae, began working with Frankford High’s music program almost two years ago, and it quickly grew into the program it is now. However, as is the case with most music programs, Rebecca wanted to increase funding towards the program. She credited some of the success of the program to her time in Singchronize as Music Director.

She spoke before intermission at the event, saying “Honestly, being in Singchronize, and being Music Director like, helped more…well not more I had plenty of classes that helped me, but being a director and getting to lead a group, made me the teacher I am today.”

In the end, the showcase raised around $400 that will go directly into the Frankford Music program to help Rebecca cover the costs of instruments and sheet music.

In addition to raising funds for that program, the event was also used to draw attention to the three acapella groups that will be competing in the International Collegiate Competition of Acapella (ICCA) this Sunday. The three groups, LiaChorus, “Pitch, Please”, and Singchronize will all be competing at Drexel University this Sunday for a chance to move on into the Semi-finals.

For more information about any of the Acapella groups on campus (there are eight!) and any events they may be having in the future, feel free to check them out on Instagram under the following usernames:

      The All-Male Group, Broad Street Line: @Broadstreetlinetu

      The All-Female Group, Singchronize: @singchronize

      The Queer Advocacy Group, Pitch, Please: @pitchpleasetu

      One of Temple’s Co-Ed group, Low Key: @lowkeyexperiencetu

      Temples Premier Jewish Acapella Group, Jewkebox: @jewkeboxtu

      Temple’s First Co-Ed Acapella Group, Owlcapella: @owlcapella

      Temple’s Musical Theatre Acapella Group, Vi-Broad-O: @temple.vi.broad.o

      And Temples Newest Co-Ed Acapella Group, LiaChorus: @liachorus

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