TSG Plans Self-Defense Class

A new class open to all students aims to boost safety awareness


Temple Student Government is planning a new self-defense initiative in the spring semester.

The course was thought up by Temple Student Government’s Director of Campus Safety Services Robert Williams and Vice President of External Affairs Kaya Jones, who explained the inspiration behind it.

“It’s basically for students to come together in a class and learn the basics of self-defense, just so they feel more comfortable and confident when walking home… We know in the spring semester it starts to get a little darker earlier”.

The program, which is open to all students, strives to be different than classes already provided by the university in terms of inclusivity and cost.

“There is a self-defense class offered here at temple… but many times its only tailored for women and maybe somebody that wants to take that class it might not fit into the schedule. So, we’re trying to open it up to all people… to come out and learn some techniques and skills that may be helpful in the future,” said Williams.

The class is tentatively scheduled to be held on a Tuesday following spring break. However, TSG is still working out logistics with the Student Center and Temple Police.

“Since we’re doing a free class, it’s kind have been at the will of Temple Police with helping us and their schedules are very busy. One of the hardest things is coordinating around their schedule and finding a space that’s big enough to support all the people who are interested,” commented Jones.

Temple Student Government encourages students to check social media posts for updates on time and location of the class.

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