Temple Ambler Hosts EarthFest

Temple University’s Ambler Campus hosted its annual EarthFest event. The event was full of activities and educational tours for members of Temple University and community members.

Each tour focused on different aspects of campus and its local environment. The Field Station tour specifically focused on disturbance ecology. “We were focused on like highlighting the disturbance of the tornado and the recovery process that we are going through, said Senior Biology major, Kiera Broderick. This event was the first outdoor event since the devastating tornado that ripped through Ambler’s campus last fall on September 1st, 2021.

Vicki Mcgarvey was able to discuss with Temple Update the importance of hosting an event like this for Temple community as well as Ambler’s community members. “We are really excited to be hosting tours and groups of people again to enjoy our gardens, especially because of the tornado to start to study the impacts of climate change. We can all make a difference in preventing things like this happening again in the future.

EarthFest left people excited to return to the campus as it continues to be rebuilt.

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