Fall Registration Underway

April 4th was the first day to be able to register for the Fall semester. 

It is important for students to contact their advisors and make sure to pick the right classes they need for the upcoming semester. 

Depending on how many credits you have, you can register for classes earlier than others. If you are a doctoral or master level student, you will be able to register as soon as April 4th. If you have 90 or more credits you will be able to register the following day on Tuesday. Students with 60 or more credits can register on April 6th, students with 30 or more credits on April 7th, and 0 or more credits can register on April 8th. 

Bhavesh Bambhrolia from the Registrar’s office talked to us about how he thinks students should pick classes for the upcoming semester. 

“I do encourage everyone to fully experience and embrace the university experience, temple experience. By taking courses, mostly by taking courses outside of their comfort zone. So you want to be well prepared once you graduate, your experience is diverse enough to make you unique enough for the marketplace.” 

There are over 4,000 courses you can choose from to be able to take. Make sure to plan ahead on Temple’s portal so that you can pick the best classes for you. 

Make sure to know what date you can register. 

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