Temple Announces Its Newest Scholarship

Temple University has announced its new “Broad Street Finish Line Scholarship” on Monday. This new scholarship will tailor to students who are the first in their families to go to college.

The creation of this scholarship comes from a university’s incentive to aid different populations in succeeding in their academic career.

Shawn Abbott, the Vice Provost for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Enrollment Management at Temple University, explains the idea behind the scholarship and what it means for first-generation students.

“We really tried to think of a population that was most at risk of not getting to the finish line of graduation. So that was kind of the impetus behind why we’re really trying to prioritize the awarding of scholarships to first-generation students,” he says.

With the announcement of the new scholarship, students say it will be a huge benefit in paying for college.

“I think that’s an amazing cause as a first-generation student I know how hard it is with not only applying, getting there in the first place but also financially. I think the scholarship is gonna help a lot of people,” says Temple student Kirstin Ortiz.

Klein College Academic Advisor Shani Beaufort believes the commitment of student success is a priority for not only the university but also faculty.

“I think with the assistance of the scholarship, helping this group of students now see that we’ve made it that much more possible for you to start and finish. I think that that’s ultimately our goal. Cause we don’t like to see anyone leave,” she says.

Shawn Abbott says students may apply for the scholarship multiple times. For incoming students, it will be factored into their financial aid package, and current students should wait on their financial aid package for financial need determination.




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