Temple Assistant Coach Under Investigation

Temple Assistant Head Football coach Antoine Smith is currently under investigation after three women claimed he has been recording women with hidden cameras in his Philadelphia home. 

 Smith has not been charged with any crime. The allegations were made public after several people stepped up to share their stories on social media. 

 The allegations were posted on Instagram, where three women claimed the suspect used Rover – an app for dog owners to hire and talk to dog walkers and sitters – to invite women over and dog-sit at his place. 

Their accounts include photographs of what they claim are hidden cameras placed in the bedroom and bathroom where the women believe they were secretly recorded. 

 Philadelphia police told Temple Update that as of Tuesday, three complaints have been made – one from 2022 and two from this past weekend. 

Temple Update’s Jetta Holiday spoke with Amanda Jonas Lorentson, a lawyer representing one of the alleged victims. 

Lorentson believes that the allegations against Smith are more than just an invasion of privacy, 

“The allegations have developed to what we believe are credible allegations of sexual assault at his home in Philadelphia, sexual misconduct at his home in Philadelphia and Temple University, and invasion of privacy at his home in Philadelphia.” 

In fact, Lorentson believes that these allegations may extend beyond our city limits, 

“We believe we also have found credible allegations that sexual misconduct and invasion of privacy have occurred at his residence and Colorado State University as well, dating back to his time when he was coaching there in early 2020 through fall of 2022.” 

A statement from the University to Temple Update acknowledged the allegations and said Temple is cooperating with the police to investigate while responding to the allegations in accordance with university policy. 

Temple Update also contacted the suspect for a response, and we received a brief message from his lawyer saying that they are fully cooperating with all inquiries. 

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