Temples Cultural Unity Week Festival Celebrates Diverse Identities

On April 24, Temple University’s Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership (IDEAL), hosted a Cultural Unity Week festival at Founder’s Garden to celebrate cultural and ethnic identities.

During the festival’s opening, hip-hop, and salsa music played loudly, inspiring couples to dance together. During the event check-in, sophomore Pascal Osei spoke about his excitement at the chance to learn about different cultures.

“I just want to highlight Black people and other minorities of people of color who might be disenfranchised and marginalized and not have the same opportunities that we have to attend higher education,” said Osei. “Even though it’s right in the heart of their community.”

A number of student organizations, such as the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the NAACP Council Temple, the Chinese Student Association, and the TU Ukrainian Society, attended the festival. They all offered membership opportunities and shared information on their respective causes.

At her table at the festival, Cyndi Zhang, a member of the Chinese Student Association, openly opposed the construction of the 76ers arena in Chinatown as an expression of her cultural pride.

“A whole community will be lost if this arena gets built,” said Zhang. “It’s a community full of local businesses, elders, families, kids, and it’s really a place where a lot of people found to be their home.”

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