Temple Blows Out La Salle 77-48

A few days after winning a close battle against the University of Florida, La Salle had an outcome that was a far left from that one as they completed blew La Salle out of the water. As with the last game, the efforts of Alliya Butts and Feyonda Fitzgerald proved to be big in this win alongside the help of their teammates. Alliya Butts provided 21 points to the game, while Feyonda Fitzgerald added a 19-10 points-assists double-double to the game as well.

La Salle never really had a chance in this game, as Temple lead by double digits for most of the game.

During the first quarter, it started off neck and neck until around six minutes in. After La Salle was up 10-9, which would be their last lead in the game, Temple went on a 13-0 run by the end of the quarter, which had them up 22-10.

The run continued into the second quarter for a few points, as Temple wound up with 26 points before La Salle would score anymore points. La Salle then went on a 10-0 run to catch back up to within 6 points of Temple, but then Temple went on a run of their own. Temple then went on a 12-4 run during the last five minutes of the quarter.

At the end of the half, only one player on La Salle, Micahya Owens, had scored over five points, while three Temple players had over that. In fact, all of La Salle’s team had either converted one or no field goals for the whole half, besides Owens! Safiya Martin of Temple was making her presence felt on the glass as well, with 10 rebounds by halftime.

The third quarter was the only quarter that was really competitive, as there were no big runs given up by either team during this span. The game was still pretty much out of reach at this point, as by the end of the third quarter, Temple still lead by 13 points.

The last quarter wasn’t even close to being remotely decisive, though, as it was just a huge 25-9 run throughout the whole quarter. This half brought more players to life, though, as Feyonda Fitzggerald, Erica Coville, and Tanaya Atkinson all joined the double digits club with Alliya Butts by the end of the game.

Fitzgerald was also showcasing her passing ability by racking up a double double by the end of the game. Safiya Martin continued her rebound dominance by finishing the game with 14 rebounds, and adding four blocks to the mix. Temple just continued their dominance by having at least one player that lead in every positive statistic, except for a tie in steals. If they keep playing like this, they’ll continue to show why they are a force to be reckoned with.

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